Want a Piece of This?

If you are a pro or casual investor, we want to turn your investment in us into a white-hot glow of productivity. You need a multiplier for that. We filed our claims with the USPTO, on a non-provisional basis (the real deal, done and dusted). Now, we need to build – so sure, we’re all […]

Technical Details, No Snooze

Pianos have hammers. Imagine a bunch of mice jumping up and down on the levers, causing the hammers to strike. Imagine that these are really smart animals, with tiny headphones on. Each one knows their name. There is a maestro somewhere far away telling the mice when to jump and how high, speaking at the […]

Playtime, People

It’s time we experienced music in a whole new way. Acoustical recordings are essentially stale. They are distant. They are over and done with by the time you get to hear them. Even live performances are filled with noisy neighbors, uncertain mixes and distracting light shows.  If you want to get to know the heart […]