The Other Online Music Experience

Our Web Audio Workstation is built for listening and jamming using real‑time musical notes in your browser

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Compose songs in your browser using synthesized instruments and digital effects.

Record tracks and play live using MIDI.

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Share, Jam, and Perform
RealTime Collaboration

Share your projects on the cloud. Find inspiration by browsing.

Use Play4Me RealTime to collaborate with other musicians and perform together for your audience.

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What is Play4Me?

Play4Me is a startup committed to creating innovative tools that bring the online music experience into a new era. We believe in connecting musicians and fans worldwide using unique Internet technologies.

Is it free to use?

The Play4Me Web Audio Workstation is free for everyone. By the end of our public Beta, we’ll introduce tipping and other features that will reward artists and invite fans into more immersive experience with their favorite artists.

Does every project work perfectly on my phone?

Not at the moment, because phone browsers are limited. We're going to expand capabilities to allow more phone-friendly listening and offer native mobile apps that can work stand-alone. The next big Beta release will have a full listener experience and musician-to-musician live collaboration. The band will be worldwide! Stay tuned.

Who’s on your team?

Our team includes music industry veterans and experienced software engineers.

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Founder’s Notes

David Kent, Founder/CEO

What’s the big deal?

We’ve got to solve the digital music delivery problem beyond compression, parallelism, and faster protocols. You don’t know what note is coming next when you are playing live and it’s got to feel fluid. We're scaling up and preparing to connect you with your audience and bandmates. We are committed to go where the technology takes us.

What’s up with the latest?

We’ve just added a skeuomorphic piano keyboard to monitor transmitted notes. This will also be our initial indicator for receiving notes from bandmates or solo performers. Right now, when you go "On The Air" your notes are being transmitted to the Play4Me Musical Note Network. Within the next few releases, you’ll be able to hear others playing along with you.

What do we want to say to our new community?

Nothing will make us happier than being able to provide you with a unique outlet for your creativity, and bring new performers into the joy of music creation. This type of proposal tends to explode with potential features and upgrades. We’re writing them all down so please send any suggestions our way, thanks.

Please consider contributing some funding, especially if you find yourself regularly using the Beta version.

"Each line of code is lovingly carved and polished by hand before release."

Now In Beta

Our Web Audio Workstation is now in Beta 1. Sign up for a free account, or try it out with a limited channel count — no registration necessary.