The next step for live streaming, tuned for music.

We’re building an innovative platform for composing, performing, and collaborting in a way that minizimes network latency and maximizes musical creativity.

Picture of a MIDI keyboard, headphones, and speaker
  • For Musicians

    Play4Me runs in your browser and comes loaded with inspiring instruments, effects, and loops. Instantly collaborate remotely with other musicians in real-time jam sessions. Go live to your fans at any time!
  • For Listeners and Fans

    Hear your favorite artists in a completely new way. Tune in to live, exclusive performances. Musicians control the instruments and effects running on your device, live.
  • Our Progress So Far...

    • Team assembled
    • Patent filed
    • Alpha client built
    • Public beta launched
    • Commercial release

    We Want To Hear From You!

    We’re always eager to speak with potential collaborators and strategic business partners.

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