Play4Me Will Be...

A revolutionary online platform where musicians transmit musical data instead of sound waveforms to a listener’s personal device, transforming it into a sound stage of virtual instruments for live and prerecorded performances.

The Play4Me Difference

How about a live demonstration of what this is going to sound like? We’ll show you how it works and let you have some Candy for your Ear℠.

Make sure your sound is on!

Our Team

David KentCVO
Ron SpauldingCEO
Jordan DavisCTO
Lori KentCOO
Al TellerSenior Advisor

Our Mission

Provide an alternative and enduring experience for today’s online music consumer

Our Values

We keep our mission on-track with Syinc, which makes us one-better at providing management you can trust. You can read more about that here.
We operate on principles we explain to our teams, so everybody can say “why” they did what they did, and it will all make sense.
We want to future-proof our technology so you’ll have the best possible user experience on all your personal devices.
The arts need a boost, so if we help performers and composers reach their audiences in a new way, we’ll have made a positive difference.